Ready For Release

OpenGL SuperBible

The Sixth Edition of the OpenGLĀ® SuperBible is about to be released. We finished writing this a few months ago and for the last while it has been with proof readers, copy editors, typesetters and all the folks that actually make the thing look good.

You can pre-order the book from various online stores (such as Amazon) right now, and your copy should ship within a few weeks. We’re hoping to have physical copies on sale at the upcoming SIGGRAPH conference.

This edition of the book is a pretty thorough overhaul of the previous edition. Most of the samples have been re-written and we’ve included a whole bunch more information – believe us, it’s been hard to keep up with the incredibly rapid pace at which OpenGL has been moving. The fifth edition of the book covered OpenGL to version 3.3. In fact, OpenGL 3.3 (and 4.0) were in development while we were writing the book. Our coverage of features contained in versions of OpenGL beyond version 3.2 was spotty and we just weren’t able to simply slip in 4.0. In this edition, we cover OpenGL up to and including version 4.3. That means that you’ll learn about tessellation, compute shaders, general reads and writes to memory, atomic operations and plenty more advanced material. We had to drop the manual pages from the back of the book to make room for the new content. Of course, the online manual pages will always be available at

Anyway, we hope you like the book. We’re excited to see it go into print.


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