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OpenGL Origins

The history of OpenGL is quite well covered. This post is not about the past, however; it’s about the future. How do features make it into OpenGL? Who [..]

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Memory Bandwidth and Vertices

Memory bandwidth is a precious commodity. As far as graphics cards are concerned, this is the rate at which the GPU can transfer data to or from memory [..]

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Vertex Array Performance

There have been some questions about the performance benefits of using vertex array objects (VAOs) recently. Vertex array objects are part of the core OpenGL specification and you [..]

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Porting Samples to Mac

On October 22, 2013, Apple released OS X Mavericks, also known as OS X version 10.9. This version of the operating system included a long awaited update to [..]

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The Road to One Million Draws

Recently I posted this video on YouTube and tweeted the link: This is a capture of the multidrawindirect sample from our example code package. It’s a pretty simple [..]

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Order Independent Transparency

This post is about order independent transparency, what it is and why it matters. Wikipedia has a stub on order independent transparency, which briefly explains what it is. [..]

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